Amelie Lamoureux

Amelie Lamoureux

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First Name * Amelie
Last Name * Lamoureux
Username * Nehym
Country * Canada
City Edmonton
Nationality Canadian
Languages EnglishFrench





From as far as i can remember, i have always had a passion for anything fantasy related, may it be books, art, games or movies. I usually find inspiration in everything that surrounds me; books i read, other art i look at, nature in general, the light falling down on a certain object, a sound, a word, a particular scene in a movie, foreign cultures... All are equally fascinating to me. I often find myself particularly mesmerized by those little things, resulting in many, many ideas and concepts popping in my imagination from nowhere screaming: ''Paint me! Write me! Let me out of here!''


This is art that catches our Editor's eye.
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